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How Strong Are Kangaroos? (Kangaroo Strength Facts)

how strong are kangaroos

How Strong Are Kangaroos? (Kangaroo Strength Facts)

If you have ever seen a kangaroo in action, you know these bouncy beasts are more than just cute creatures. In fact, these marsupials are known for their impressive hops that can take them to incredible heights and speeds. 

But have you ever wondered just how strong kangaroos really are? Well, hold onto your hats because, in this article, we are diving deep into the world of kangaroo strength. 

We’ll explore what makes these Aussie icons such tough cookies, from their rock-solid legs to their muscular tails. 

How Strong Are Kangaroos?

Kangaroos are very strong animals. Their powerful back legs can exert a kick force of about 759 pounds, while their punch is measured at 275 pounds of force. In addition to strong extremities, kangaroos have powerful tails and muscular upper bodies that aid their overall strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • A swipe force of an adult male kangaroo is  8,800 lb.-ft./s.
  • A punch force of an adult male kangaroo is 275 pounds of force.
  • A kick force of an adult male kangaroo is 759 pounds of force.

How Strong Are Kangaroo’s Legs?

Kangaroos are known for their incredible leg strength, which enables them to make those massive, gravity-defying hops that seem almost unreal. 

A kangaroo’s legs are not only muscular, but they also have a unique structure that allows for maximum power output.

So, how do they achieve such otherworldly athleticism?

For starters, kangaroo legs are incredibly long, and this adaptation helps them to store and release energy more efficiently. Their legs are also designed to work like powerful springs, with long flexible tendons and muscles working together to generate enormous elastic energy.

To put it into perspective, a red kangaroo (the largest kangaroo species) can generate enough force to hop up 25 feet in one leap and reach speeds of 43 mph.

So, it’s safe to say that when it comes to leg strength, kangaroos are in a league of their own. But their impressive power is not just limited to their legs.

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How Strong is a Kangaroo Kick?

If you have thought that kangaroos’ legs are used only for hopping, you are wrong!  These large marsupials are one of the few animals that uses kick with their hind legs. 

In fact, kangaroos are known for their powerful kicks, which they can use to defend themselves against predators and other kangaroos.

So just how strong are kangaroo kicks? 

According to estimates, a kangaroo kick force is 759 pounds (or 3,400 newtons) – equivalent to a grand piano’s weight! 

In other words, a single kick from a male kangaroo can send a full-grown man flying through the air. Or even more vividly – that is more than enough force to shatter bones, fracture skulls, or even disembowel their opponents.

Besides leg muscles, this incredible kicking power is fueled by the kangaroo’s long, muscular tail, which acts as a counterbalance, allowing them to deliver lightning-fast kicks with tremendous force.

Considering all, no wonder kicks are a kangaroo’s primary means of self-defense.

So if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a kangaroo, you’d better watch out – their kicks are not to be underestimated! 

How Strong is a Kangaroo Punch?

Have you ever wondered how strong is a kangaroo punch? Well, you are not alone.

Unlike their hind legs, the forelimbs of kangaroos are not as powerful. Their forelimbs’ primary use is ripping trees, leaves, shrubs, and other vegetation during feeding.

However, don’t let these tiny arms deceive you!  It turns out that their forelimbs are also pretty strong.

A kangaroo can throw a punch that exerts 275 pounds of force, and they often use boxing skills to fight with one another in order to display dominance in mating.

Kangaroos have powerful upper bodies, and their musculature extends to their shoulders, making their forelimbs much stronger than they appear.

However, kangaroo punches aren’t as powerful as their leg kicks, though, mostly due to the fact that their forelimbs are shorter and have less muscle mass than their hindlimbs.

Still, kangaroos utilize their forelimbs in other defensive methods than punching. When confronted by dogs or dingoes, a kangaroo will flee into the water, lure the predator to follow it, and then use the strength of its forelimbs to submerge and drown the animal.

Kangaroos’ Swipe Force

A fully grown male kangaroo can generate a force of up to 8,800 lb.-ft./s with a single swipe of its forelimbs. 

The exact figure, however, will depend on the kangaroo’s speed and body weight. But taking a fully grown red kangaroo for comparison purposes, its swipe force is nine times stronger than the average male human.

Additionally, kangaroos have long, curved, sharp claws that can easily tear through flesh, making their swipes even more powerful.

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How Strong is a Kangaroo Tail?

Have you ever wondered how kangaroos manage to hop long distances without falling over? The secret weapon is their incredibly strong and powerful tail! 

The tail is an important part of a kangaroo’s survival, and it serves as the animal’s primary means of balance while hopping. In fact, a kangaroo’s tail gives as much propulsive power as the hind and front legs combined.

Besides, kangaroo tails are strong enough to carry the weight of almost 200 pounds. 

Male kangaroos have a fascinating fighting style that involves using their tails as an additional limb! During fights, male kangaroos will balance entirely on their tails to deliver powerful kicks with their legs.

So, not only does a tail help kangaroos maintain balance and support during locomotion, but it’s also used for defense and fighting.

Kangaroo’s tail length varies by species. The red kangaroos, which are the largest of all kangaroo species, have 35.5 to 43.5 inches long tails (90 to 110 centimeters).

How Strong Are Kangaroos Compared to Humans?

Wild animals have an advantage over humans in terms of strength since they must constantly fight to survive.

An average kangaroo regularly engages in battle with numerous other kangaroos and escapes attacks from various different predators. An average human is far from living that kind of lifestyle.

Pound for pound, kangaroos outclass humans by a significant margin. In comparison, a single kangaroo punch can deliver a force of around 275 pounds, which is more than twice as strong as what the average person can exert.

Their incredible strength is not limited to their limbs alone. Kangaroos possess equally impressive jaws, with a bite force measuring 925 pounds per square inch (PSI). This bite force is almost eight times stronger than what a human can produce.

And yet, strength is not the only advantage kangaroos have over humans. When it comes to speed, kangaroos are also far superior.

The fastest kangaroos can reach speeds of up to 43 mph, while the fastest person on the planet, Usain Bolt, can only run as fast as 27 mph.

In the end, the only advantage that humans have over kangaroos is intelligence. If you are not a skilled fighter, try not to go into a brawl with a kangaroo.

How Are Kangaroos So Strong?

You might wonder how on earth these buff kangaroos evolved to be so strong and muscular, given that they are vegetarians and prey animals. Well, the answer likely lies in their evolution.

Living in the harsh Australian outback, kangaroos rely on their powerful limbs and tails to cover long distances quickly, especially when resources like food and water are scarce. Their ability to hop and move with such force and speed is a testament to their physical prowess.

Male kangaroos, in particular, use their strength to establish dominance within their social groups, or “mobs.” A higher rank in the hierarchy translates to greater access to potential mates, making physical strength a valuable asset for reproduction.

Final Thoughts

Kangaroos are, without a doubt, some of the most athletic animals in the world.

In combination with their rock-solid hindlegs, muscular bodies, and mighty tails, these marsupials possess extraordinary physical strength. They can show off their strength in different ways, such as jumping over long distances and punching and kicking with great force and speed.

It’s no wonder that kangaroos have become one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols of Australian wildlife.

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