Most Curious Animals In The World (7 Examples + Pictures)

cats are some of the most curious animals in the world

Are animals curious? Which are the most curious animals on the planet? How does one determine curiosity? What kind of ‘curious’ are we talking about here anyway? Well, the adage goes, curiosity killed the cat, and this is the ‘curious’ this article will be looking into, that is, inquisitiveness.

All species of animals have some degree of curiosity. Perhaps it is nature’s survival instinct. Curiosity has its positive side, where an animal can find food and perhaps refuge, especially when wandering alone. However, the same curiosity has landed many a creature in all kinds of trouble.

Without further ado let us meet our 7 most curious animals.

Most Curious Animals


curious black and yellow cat with big eyes

Cats have been known to be a curious lot. Where else would the adage have come from? Those who have lived with, or observed cats, can attest to the fact that they are not timid by nature. They easily approach humans with a meow, a sniff, and a rubbing of their bodies against the person.

When cats are not napping, it is very easy to engage them in some form of active play, with a piece of string or a beam of light. They will easily be attracted by the movement and try to paw at or grab it. It is also the same curiosity that has often led a cat to rummage through trash.

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curious looking puppy dog

Puppies are beloved for their heart-warming looks and playful nature. Puppies are also a very curious lot and can quickly turn a place upside down without proper containment and house training. They are curious about colorful, textured, and moving objects, and households tend to be full of these.

Puppies are also curious around strangers and will readily approach one and begin to sniff them. They are also curious about other animals and will often make friends with a variety of them.

The curiousness of puppies is also another way they create mental maps by sniffing out the area around them.


curious monkey looking at mirror

Monkeys are a primate whose genetic makeup is very close to that of human beings. They are therefore very intelligent and industrious. Besides, they are very bold and curious animals.

Apart from that, monkeys are also quite filled with mischief. Their curiosity leads them to all manner of interactions ranging from friendly to hostile.

A monkey’s curiosity has been seen particularly when interacting with human beings, such as opening bags and exploring the contents, or walking up to people and sitting beside them, or climbing onto their heads and backs. They use all their senses when their curiosity is piqued, they will touch, smell, taste, shake for sound and look over something from various angles.


funny looking penguin standing on snow

Penguins have been the subject of many movies and documentaries. They are not only fascinating as a species, but they are curious in nature.

Penguins are famous for their black and white feathers which make them look like they are wearing tuxedoes. They are also known for their community life.

Penguins have and use their smell and often use it to familiarize themselves with objects, each other, and other elements of nature. They seem to have become accustomed to seeing humans in their territory and will often be seen cautiously approaching and sniffing out humans, displaying their curiosity.


close up photography of a brown giraffe

These tall, gentle giants are often seen out in the wild in herds. Although very gentle, they are not timid species. Giraffes, are in fact, quite curious animals and will often readily approach bystanders. This can be readily seen when they are kept in enclosures like zoos.

They will approach anyone holding out something to eat, they will peek into windows, through open doors, and even stick their heads between fencing.

A giraffe’s curiosity however has proved detrimental at times, when their heads or noses get stuck in smaller spaces they were exploring. Sometimes, injury or even death results from these entanglements.

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red fox standing on a green field

Foxes belong to the same family as dogs, and their curiosity is equally inbuilt into their genes. Foxes in the wild will often explore the area around them using their sense of smell. The red fox is the more common image that comes to mind when one thinks of foxes.

The curiosity of foxes has over time enabled them to adapt to different environments and habitats. They live both, out in the wild and also within urban settings.

A fox’s behavior in urban settings differs slightly as they need to keep to the shadows in order to survive. They are therefore more nocturnal and additionally, more aggressive.


two bushbabies climbing trees

The last but not least members on our list of most curious animals are bushbabies. Bushbabies are nocturnal tree-dwelling primates that are so-called for their call that sounds like a crying baby.

They are found in sub-Saharan Africa and can be easily identified because of their large round eyes. Although they are generally calm and gentle, bushbabies are very curious and bold.

Being nocturnal, they rely heavily on sound and smell and use these to sniff out prey as well as avoid predators. They can hear over long distances and will be drawn to a person or thing due to noise. They also have very quick reflexes and will also be attracted by movement.

In Summary

Most animals have a sense of curiosity. Curiosity enables them to differentiate between friend and foe, as well as prey and predator. Curiosity is also a necessity for animals to help them adapt to new surroundings. Adaptation also takes the form of learning where new instincts are developed which enable them to survive.

The curiosity displayed by some animals can lead to aggression when an animal feels threatened or intimidated when caught in squabbles over territories, or hunting and feeding grounds. Curiosity is also a powerful instinct as it also enables animals to forage for food, differentiating between regular food, alternative food sources as well as things that would prove poisonous.

And lastly, curiosity is a way by which an animal’s intelligence can be measured, by observing behavior around objects, other animals, and even humans. This observed behavior can also be used to determine the personality of an animal beyond the scientific character traits it possesses.

And that’s it, thank you for reading. I hope I’ve helped you uncover what are some of the most curious animals in the world.

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