List of Most Clumsy Animals (6 Examples With Pictures)

sloths one of the most clumsy animals

We’ve all seen ridiculous photos and videos of many animals in strange situations circulating the internet. The photos and videos featuring animals in funny situations depict them as clumsy and sometimes not that smart.

Clumsy animals that stumble and fall, or get stuck in weird places, crevices, and spots, and often look desperate. Their instincts are not that good, and they don’t help them a lot in the wild.

It’s interesting how some of these animals survived for all these years. But there is one animal on this list that is on the verge of extinction. Can you guess which animal is that? And is their future survival linked with their clumsiness?

So which animals are really the clumsiest of them all? Do you have any clue? We believe that some of the animals on our list of most clumsy animals will surprise you. But we hope that you’ll enjoy exploring the list and learning more about the most uncoordinated and awkward animals alive.

Here are the clumsiest animals on planet Earth:

  • Giraffe
  • Koala
  • Sloth
  • Panda Bear
  • Ostrich
  • Dog

List of Most Clumsy Animals


funny looking giraffe sticking its tongue

Scientific name: Giraffa

Class: Mammalia

We know that giraffes are the tallest animals on our planet and animals with the most extended neck on Earth. Giraffes live in Africa and are herbivores.

Besides their long legs, they have very long legs that they use as an offensive tool to kick predators or other enemies. They also sometimes use their long neck to defend themselves, and they swing it at enemies as a club. But because of their countenance, they are often considered clumsy animals.

Can you imagine a baby deer on thin ice? Well, sometimes giraffes act like that with their long and slim legs. Also, have you ever seen a giraffe drinking water? These giants have to kneel quite awkwardly to be able to reach the ground with their mouths.


koala sitting on tree branch

Scientific name: Phascolarctos cinereus

Class: Mammals

Koala bears are cute little animals that are, by the way, not bears. Koalas are marsupials, and they are the most famous representative of Australia.

According to many, besides their cuddly appearance, koalas are boring animals, as they can spend all day just lying, rolling around, and eating bamboo leaves.

If you try to watch almost any video of koalas, you’ll notice their clumsiness. They are far from fast and energetic animals, and they’ll never be. But they are so charming so that we can forgive them.


sloth hanging on tree branch

Scientific name: Folivora

Class: Mammals

Sloths are all-time favorites among many when it comes to the cutest animals on the planet. Many enjoy watching videos of sloths doing basically nothing except breathing.

These tree-dwellers are really cute, yet, extremely slow. And in that slowness, they are not that graceful animals. Sloths are lazy and clumsy animals. So, maybe their clumsiness comes out of their laziness. If they weren’t so lazy, they probably wouldn’t be that clumsy.

Slots are so clumsy that they can slip and slide while they trek back to their trees and die. Yes, they are so clumsy that they simply slip and die.

That occurs when they come back from their bathroom break, and besides that, they don’t go anywhere away from their tree. So maybe the solution is not to move at all?

Giant Panda

funny panda laying on a tree

Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Class: Mammals

Pandas are definitely clumsy creatures. And they’re also one of the laziest animals alive. Pandas are so lazy that they are not interested in reproduction, which is strange for an animal.

Did you notice how lazy animals are also clumsy animals? The perfect example is a Giant Panda. There are many videos featuring pandas that are falling around their enclosures and rolling on the ground. They often fall, like they don’t know how to walk correctly.

We like pandas and they are truly adorable but not graceful at all. Yet, there is also a rude side to their lovely face.

Mother pandas can kill their cubs, and often they do it unintentionally. If that isn’t clumsy, we don’t know what is. Some would say that pandas are not the most intelligent animals, and maybe that has to do with their clumsiness.


ostrich standing on a green grass

Scientific name: Struthio camelus

Class: Aves

One of the giant birds on Earth is also the clumsiest one. Just like giraffes, ostriches have long legs, and necks which makes them sometimes unarticulated.

Ostriches are not the most intelligent birds out there, and they will eat almost anything. They are timid, they often don’t know how to react to danger, but they sometimes can be very aggressive.

Unlike previously mentioned animals, ostriches are simply clumsy-looking, as they are large flightless birds. As regards physical abilities, ostriches are definitely not clumsy, in fact, they are quite agile animals that can reach speeds of 30 miles (50 km/h).


clumsy pug lying on a wooden floor

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

Class: Mammals

Humans’ best friend is probably their clumsiest friends. Do you know how cats show their intelligence in many situations and resourceful they are?

Well, dogs are often the opposite of that. We don’t want to say that dogs are not intelligent because they are. But they are sometimes just too clumsy, to the point that it is hilarious.

If you have a dog, you’ve probably had an experience with its clumsiness. Or you have an opportunity to look at your favorite clumsy animal every day. But no matter what, dogs will always be humans’ best friends.

Summing Up!

Still, when it comes to clumsiness, humans are the clumsiest animals of all. You didn’t expect this conclusion, did you? But it is absolutely true.

Animals are awe-inspiring when it comes to using their senses and instincts. They evolved to live and survive in the wilderness, so being clumsy is a virtue.

However, some silly animals often get in trouble and find themselves in funny situations because of their clumsiness. Sometimes it’s because of their genetics, sometimes because of their physiognomy or curiosity, and sometimes because they’re not so bright.

And that leads to many funny situations, but also dangerous ones. Clumsy animals stumble, trip, and fall. They often get trapped in strange places and situations, and due to their clumsiness, they don’t know how to get out of it.

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