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How Much Does a Lion Cost? Well, a Lot!

How Much Does a Lion Cost? Well, a Lot!

Hey, are you on your way to owning a lion?

The love for the big cats augmented after watching The Lion King- the lovely father-son duo.

If holding on to your love for lions is getting intolerable for you and you want a detailed guide, this article is what you need. I’ll be covering all factors you need to discern before owning the big cats as your pet.

Let’s start by quickly checking how much does a lion cost.

The price of an adult lion starts from $5,000, and it goes up to $15,000. However, the price rates of a lion largely depend on a breed. The rarest species, white lions, can cost up to $140,000. Lion cubs are slightly cheaper, and their price range is between $1,600 and $15,000.

It is worth mentioning that this is only the initial cost, not including the insurance costs, as well as the costs of lion breeding.

Keep reading to find out more!

Can You Buy a Lion?

Why not? No matter who you are and what you do, if you have a bank balance and experience in handling exotic cats, more specifically lions, you can own one.

Summon up; you are not buying an ordinary cat. Instead, you are going to own the Jungle King. Before getting on the journey of owning a lion, you should be aware of the love and care they necessitate.

So, Is It Illegal to Own a Lion in the US?

No matter how deeply in love you are with Simba and Mufasa. If you are living in the US, your situation can be perplexing. The US has been very austere when it comes to owning wildlife animals as pets.

Why? The US state believes that all those activities that put citizens’ life in jeopardy should be outlawed. Coming to the point, the US has banned the purchase of bizarre pets in its 21 states. And sadly, lions fall in the same category.

Hang on! I’m not done yet! You still have chances of owning a lion as a pet if you live in the following states;

  • Alabama
  • Nevada
  • South California
  • Wisconsin
  • North California
  • Montana
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania

Is It Legal to Own a Lion In the UK?

I’m pretty much moved by seeing the flexibility offered by the UK government to the citizens on purchasing exotic pets; Seems like they also love big cats, who knows?

All you need to do is earn a license from the state, show it to the officials, and get your lion. After holding a license, you can not only own a lion but all big cats such as cheetah, tiger, puma, and jaguar.

Bear in mind; if you try to be extra smart by owning the lion without a valid permit, the consequence will be severe. Besides that, the place where you will keep the lion has to be private and under your title.

Where Can You Buy a Lion?

Buying exotic wild cats is not as simple as buying domestic cats or dogs. As lions are expensive and death-defying to own, the number of vendors is limited.

Visit the marketplaces of the states which permit the ownership of exotic cats. Show your license to the rescue and get one.

Or, if you want to relish the comfort of your couch instead of hustling in the rescues, then visit the online marketplace.

Compared to the physical marketplace, the online world has more variety. Here you can buy lions of any age. All you need to do is show your license and other necessary documents, and the rest is on their shoulders. The online vendor will guide you through the step-by-step process.

Do Lions Make Good Pets?

You must have watched the reels on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook where lions lick their owning, cuddling with them, and making the best bond. To be honest, after watching the videos, even I was like, oh, I need to get one lion ASAP!

Coming to the point, can lions make good pets, more specifically, can they ever be domesticated?

We have to accept the reality that lions are wild animals- the king of the jungle. Our unconditional love, care, and support by hook or by crook suppress the wild side.

If you raise a lion from a young age, he will consider you his pack member. But for that, you have to train them from their cub years. Nevertheless, if you don’t treat him right or make him feel scared around you, he will attack, no matter if you are his owner.

For that reason, instead of getting inspired after watching reels and deciding to own a lion, first, understand their nature and get training to make a strong bond with them.

If you are interested in learning more, I wrote a dedicated article about lions as pets.

How Much Does a Lion Cost?

Since you are clear, is it legal to own a lion and where to buy one, now let us put light on how much does a lion cost?

The average rates of lions start from $5,000 and go higher depending on the breed’s rareness. Remember, this is the initial one-time cost you pay when buying lions. The additional cost is separate.

Sometimes you necessitate owning insurance along with the license. Insurance is the mandate of the state for the safety of the citizens. The yearly charges of the insurance are $200-300.

How Much Does a Baby Lion Cost?

how much does a lion cub cost

If you are damn serious about owning a lion as a pet and making a lifetime bond with him, then a baby lion is the best time to consider. At this age group, you can train the way you want and make him tamed.

The rates of baby lions are $1,600-15,000. Again, your decision of a breed will alter the rates. The commonly opt lion breeds include;

  • Masai lion
  • Asiatic lion
  • Katanga lion
  • Abyssinian lion
  • African lion
  • White lion

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How Much Does a White Lion Cost?

how much does a white lion cost

Last but surely not least white lions. This white furred body has made everyone an admirer at first glance, including me!

At the time of writing this guide, the white lion is the rarest and most expensive breed on planet earth. The first discovery of white lions was back in 1938 in South Africa.

Experts say the color is due to the gene mutation in the parental bodies. Whatever the reason may be, they are one of the most jaw-dropping living creatures.

About the price, prepare your bank balance because you need to pay a high amount. You need to drop $280,000 for a pair of white lions, as they do not prefer living alone.

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Closing Thoughts

With that said, I hope this guide clears all your queries regarding owning lions as pets. I can’t say anything, but one thing is definite that the experience will surely be worth your investment.

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