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List of Boring Animals (9 Examples with Pictures)

List of Boring Animals (9 Examples with Pictures)

Are animals boring? How can we determine how boring an animal is? When watching animals, we are likely to judge them by their movements or activity levels; if they move slowly or have very little activity, then they will quickly be seen as boring.

One needs the patience of a saint to see any action with some of these creatures. There is a myriad of slow, lazy, and generally boring animals. So let us begin with our list, shall we?

List of Most Boring Animals


sloth relaxing in the basket

Sloths are likely at the top of the list when it comes to boring animals. Cute as they may be, they have a low metabolism and spend up to 20 hours asleep!

And when they are not snoozing, koalas spend most of their awake time motionless.

Occasionally, they may take a few minutes to mate, literally. So between not seeing much activity owing to how much time they spend asleep, and their movement in slow-motion, the sloth is one of the most boring animals alive.


two small pandas laying on the ground

The giant panda is one of nature’s beloved creatures owing to its adorable looks. However, this is one of the most boring animals that spend the majority of its time eating and sleeping.

Pandas are bamboo-eating animals, (low nutritive values food), and so, to get sufficient nutrients, they will have to eat up to 20 kgs (44 pounds) of bamboo to get enough nutrition for the day.

Can you imagine how long the panda will take to eat? Well, all this chewing is quite exhausting, and so every so often the panda will nap for about three hours then get up to eat some more before taking another three-hour siesta.

How is that for a boring animal?


koala sleeping on a three branch

Okay, if you thought the panda was a boring animal, you have not met the koala. Talk of boring animal lifestyles! This creature can sleep for up to 20 hours!

So, what does an animal do when it is only awake for 2 hours? Apparently, prioritizing survival is all one can do!

So for the time that the koala is awake, it will feed. Eucalyptus is the staple of koalas. This plant is very high in fiber and contains toxins, so between the slow breakdown of the fiber and the processing of the toxins, the koala’s body consumes a lot of energy in digestion.

No wonder they sleep so long!


hippo yawning in the water

Hippopotamuses are boring animals. First off, they are a bunch of heavy sleepers, piling over each other and going for stretches of 16 to 20 hours on any given day.

They spend the few hours they are awake, about 5 hours, grazing both on land and in the water.

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Boring as they are, here is an interesting tit-bit; they can sleep both on land and in water, only coming up every so often for a breath of air. So lazy are they, that they eat and sleep wherever they are, whether on land or in water.


lioness sleeping on a rock

King of the jungle and yet, boring animal. Since they belong to the cat family, just like their domestic counterpart, lions can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

Owing to their habitat which is rather hot, and feeding habits that require them to hunt, a lot of their energy is consumed simply by existing.

Sometimes before a hunt, lions will take a pre-hunt nap that can go for 24 hours straight! When they are not asleep but have already eaten, they will frolic, and occasionally take a few moments to mate.


brown tortoises walking on sand

This reptile walks at a speed that is less than 1 mile per hour. It is said that this is due to the weight of its shell. Try walking a pet tortoise.

That thought ought to make one classify this reptile under the ‘boring animal’ category. If that is not working, then consider this – when they do walk, they keep mostly within the area they are grazing in. They spend the rest of the day basking in the sun and napping inside their shells.

The upside to this can only be that they live much longer than most other animals… perhaps there is a method to the boring.

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python head

This large boring animal is one of nature’s heaviest sleepers. Watching a python sleep is like trying to watch a log decay. It spends 18 hours coiled up into itself playing dead!

Seriously, this creature is lazy and will look for any opportunity to prolong sleep time. Take, for example, the python will hunt and squeeze the life out of its prey, then swallow the animal whole! No time to chew!

Once the food has been swallowed, this snake will coil up and will not be heard for an entire week!

If you think that is lazy, try this; the very same creature will sleep for an entire week in preparation to shed its skin! Who knew exfoliation was so exhausting?


opossum walking on fence

Second, on our boring animal list is opossums. These mammals spend 18-20 hours asleep. When an opossum finds a habitat that has sufficient food, it will hardly move from that place.

They literally will move only when necessary. This creature moves at a slow amble when not under threat, but surprisingly, can run up to 4 miles per hour (7.4km/h).

Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizards

This reptile takes the cake for absolute laziness and hence, the crown for the most boring animal. Let us count the ways, shall we? First off, this lizard spends a lot of time underground but is too lazy to dig its own home underground, preferring to use abandoned homes, like those used by spiders.

Second, it does not hunt. It just lays near the opening of its home with its mouth ready to catch insects that are passing by. Almost like a fly trap without the sweet-smelling sticky nectar.

Will it get out of its dwelling to hydrate? Not at all! But why should it, when it can just stick out its tongue and catch dew drops as they fall at night?

Summing up!

And that was all. I bet there are a quite few animals with boring lifestyles but that this article would not be too long I have picked the 9 MOST boring ones.

Next time your friends start to tease how boring you are and how long you sleep – just point them out to this article.

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