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Are Tigers Friendly? Can Tigers Be Pets?

are tigers friendly to humans

Are Tigers Friendly? Can Tigers Be Pets?

Let’s be honest, tigers are majestic creatures and we all wish to pet this giant cat. But, the question is how tigers would react – are tigers friendly?

Tigers in captivity can be friendly to their owners and breeders, but there is always potential danger. They are driven by their predatory instincts, and they should be treated with caution, like any other wild creature. On the other hand, wild tigers are not friendly and will more likely display aggressive behavior.

Are Tigers Friendly?

Tigers may seem cute and friendly because they look like big fluffy cats. Also, you may notice that tigers like to sleep a lot and that they are sleeping or rolling around the dirt in almost every photo you’ve seen of them.

But looks may deceive you. Contrary to their looks, tigers are not cute and friendly in real life. They are vicious predators that hunt big prey. And the reason why they seem lazy is that they need to sleep to gain more energy to hunt and kill more prey.

Tigers are big and powerful cats, and they hold massive strength inside them. Their bite is mighty, their claws are sharp and strong, and they can be fast as lighting if they want it to be.

So, even if they wanted to be friendly, it’s impossible for them to be that because they are dangerous wild animals.

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Are Baby Tigers Friendly?

Tiger cubs are naturally playful and friendly just like most baby animals. They are adorable and cuddly looking, and they are much more friendly than adult ones. And besides that, they are not capable of inflicting severe injuries like grown tigers.

However, in case you happen to find yourself near tiger cubs in the wild, you should be very cautious as their mother is greatly dangerous and protective of its babies.

How Do Tigers Show Affection?

Tigers show affection in many ways, and some of them are rubbing themselves against each other, purring, mutual grooming, chuffing, and even moving their tails as any other cat would do.

They are vicious animals, but they can show affection against one another. And that can be seen especially in the time of matting, between mothers and their cubs.

When tigers show affection, they also exchange scents, so they get to know each other better.

Are Tigers Loyal?

Tigers are solitary animals and they are not naturally loyal. They don’t like to spend their time with other tigers or other animals. However, when it’s mating season, a tiger can often be seen with a tigress, but only when it’s that time of the year.

When it comes to tigresses and their cubs, they live with them and care for them until they are grown up. When a tigress has its cubs, she is gentle and very caring until they are ready to face the wilderness.

It’s known for lions to be loyal, as they live in groups known as packs. So, most people would assume that tigers are as well loyal because they are a similar species. But the reality is quite different.

The only time you could see a tiger socializing with another tiger is if it needs to survive. Two tigers may hunt together, but they will rarely or never share their prey.

And if you ever wondered if tigers can be loyal to humans, the answer is yes and no. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, tigers are known to be loyal and friendly to their owners, but the risk is always present.

There are many speculations and have been many different occasions with tigers as human pets. But the reality is, tigers are dangerous animals with wild instincts, and they are never 100% loyal.

If You Raise a Tiger From Birth Will It Attack You?

There is less probability for a born and raised tiger in captivity to attack its owner. You have noticed how I said “less probability”. The reason is tigers can never be fully tamed and be trusted uncompromisingly. Unlike dogs, cats, and other long ago domesticated animals, tigers are wild creatures.

And they will always retain their predatory instincts regardless of whether were they raised from birth or not. Just a single rush of its wild instinct can lead to fatal consequences. Tigers belong to the wilderness, and they should never be raised outside of their environment in the first place.

Can Tigers Be Pets?

No, tigers can’t be pets. As we briefly mentioned, there have been many occasions when humans had tigers as pets, and almost all those occasions just proved that tigers are not meant to be pets. Tigers are wild animals, and as wild animals, they are meant to be in the wild or sanctuaries.

Naturally, tigers are solitary and dominant animals, and they are predators that hunt and kill their prey. We shouldn’t compare them to house cats, nor should they be treated as one.

There have been cases where people had tigers as their pets, and they’ve managed to tame them because they’ve had them as cubs. But, even in those cases, they did not fully tame the tigers because that can’t be achieved. And in most cases, tigers eventually attacked their “owners.”

A tiger will always have their natural instinct somewhere inside them, no matter how long they are with a human. And their natural instinct is telling them to attack and kill so that they can survive. Tigers also can sense fear very well, and when they do it, they can quickly attack you.

Even if a tiger doesn’t attack a human because it feels threatened or hungry, it could hurt you accidentally. And when a tiger hurts someone, even accidentally, it’s almost always bad. They are unbelievably robust. Their bite is one of the most potent bites among all animals, and their big claws don’t just scratch; they cut up severely.

Wild animals should be left in their proper habitat, and they shouldn’t be anyone’s pets. They need to live their life as nature suggests it, and humans shouldn’t interfere with it.

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