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List of Top 10 Most Annoying Animals (+ Pictures)

a fly on a wooden stick

List of Top 10 Most Annoying Animals (+ Pictures)

Imagine an animal, and all you could think of, are phrases such as ‘aww!’, ‘so cute,’ or ‘how adorable,’ but ‘annoying’ animals? Nah! Humans being social animals are not covered here, because hands down, we all know humans are annoying.

Today, we are talking about the other annoying animals. Tell us honestly, have you also secretly admitted that some animals are indeed annoying? Yes? We are listening!

In this article, we have covered a list of the 10 most annoying animals on planet Earth.

  • Flies
  • Cats
  • Kangaroos
  • Lizards
  • Kea Parrots
  • Pigeons
  • Cockroaches
  • Macaque Monkeys
  • Grizzly Bears
  • Ants

Most Annoying Animals


fly on a green leaf

Is there any human existing on earth who does not agree that flies and mosquitoes are nothing but annoying creatures? These little beasts can literally suck the life out of us. They are drawn toward the salts, sugars, carbs, and proteins that exist in your skin naturally.

No fault of yours there, but we know how flies and mosquitoes are just a slap away from us, all the time! They can easily win the most annoying animal award, also adding to the irritating buzzing noise that they move around with. Uggh!

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gray cat on a brown table

We are sure this one wouldn’t have escaped your mind. Cats are known for their annoying and destructive behavior. Their nature is that of an inquisitive animal, so when they remain indoors without being engaged for a long time, they like to get involved in other activities that humans may term as annoying.

Anything from continuous meows, and destroying items, to jumping here and there and acting crazy, everything annoying is included in this list. Do not forget to give them the attention that they constantly seek.

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brown kangaroo on a green grass

How many of you knew that kangaroos are just animals with an annoyed toddler’s mind yet have a body that could turn your heads around? Popular amongst tourists visiting Australia, Kangaroos can be quite an escapist when it comes to stealing your food and annoying the hell out of you.

This is not it; a viral video shows how a kangaroo jumped right onto the windshield of the car out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Quite a terror, the kangaroos, can be super annoying.


gray lizard standing on a sand

Hiding practically in just about any corner of your home, lizards come next on the list. These creepy-looking reptiles will appear suddenly from cracks or fissures in your walls without any notice and can freak you out in no time, let alone be annoyed!

Also, we cannot forget how cleaning lizard poop is another nasty task. Lizards possess the disgusting power to fall on your head or shoulder and crawl all over you. We cannot really blame the people who have Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles), can we?

Kea Parrots

kea parrot sitting on a rock

As beautiful as these large parrot species may look, owing to the lush orange color visible under their wings, the Kea parrots are not so loved by people in New Zealand. The locals have termed the birds the “naughty alpine parrot” and “the clown of the mountains.”

They are infamous for stealing people’s passports, gobbling up the car doors’ seals, and have been seen to be picking on backpacks, snowboards, and boots while also flying away with smaller or tiny items. Furthermore, they say, since the birds have an inquisitive nature, they are even more annoying to humans for their mischievous activities.


gray pigeon walking on a brown surface

Let’s remember that we humans often feed pigeons, regardless of the circumstances. However, it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not always us who beckon them into our homes. Pigeons can turn into real nuisances when they decide to intrude on our privacy.

Not to mention their loud cooing, numerous feathers that they leave behind, and the most-terrifying bird droppings anywhere and everywhere, all of these, can haunt us for a long, long time! It’s not a surprise that these birds are also called the “rats of the sky”. Making this mess has easily earned them the position of an annoying animal.


cockroach on a pink rock

Be it anywhere in the world, cockroaches are associated with filthy places! Try killing them, and the squishy crunch is enough to disgust you.

Humans find them annoying and are afraid of them, as they can crawl out in the dark and appear almost unexpectedly, which is terrifying, to say the least. Others find cockroaches nasty as they wander about in their food items that often spread diseases.

Macaque Monkeys

close up photo of macaque monkey

Macaque monkeys that are found in abundance across India can be quite “thieves.” If they spot you walking and eating out in the open, you must be ready for a monkey attack. Sometimes they enter moving cars through open windows to steal your food!

Locations that have monkeys living in trees around them are the most affected. Stealing items such as food and cloth items, and mobile phones are extremely common, and no wonder the tourists and locals think they are a bunch of annoying animals.

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Grizzly Bears

grizzly swimming in water

While they may look huggable owing to their big fluffy and cute look, the grizzly bears may, on the contrary, beat/tear you to bits if you try hugging them. The bear attacks are unpredictable and can prove to be fatal. The bears are also known to steal food from humans, earning themselves the annoying tag.

In some U.S. states, it is almost a common situation to bump into a grizzly in your backyard. More often than not, bears are drawn into residential areas when their food sources are scarce. And so they get attracted to bird feeders, dogs, cats, and other outdoor pet food.


close up photo of a brown ant

Though ants are known to be the most hardworking insects, and there are over 12000 species of ants across the world, ants can prove to be annoying to humans. Almost all of them have the ability to sting or bite.

They can also nibble on and destroy structures, spread infections, and in some cases, lead to allergic reactions in humans. Besides, ants are known for being able to damage gardens with their unearthing techniques and by creating anthills that are difficult to destroy.

Summing Up!

And that is the end of our list of the top 10 most annoying creatures on the planet.

Tell us about the most annoying animal that you have come across while traveling or are living with. If they are one from the list that we have mentioned above, we feel you!

Please note, we support ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,’ also known as PETA, with all our hearts and are in no way propagating hatred towards animals through this article. However, we also cannot help but admit that some of them easily qualify to be the top-most annoying animals, owing to their mischievous and irritating nature.

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