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10 Cool Animals With Short Names (Pictures & Facts)

10 Cool Animals With Short Names (Pictures & Facts)

There are more than 8 million different animal species around the globe. Some are tiny, some are dangerous, and some have short names.

If you think about it, there are quite a few animals with short names. In fact, there are so many that we couldn’t possibly list them all. 

However, here are a few notable examples of animals with short names an ant, a bee, a cat, a dog, an eel, an ox, a bat, a fox, an owl, and a rat.

Want to learn more about these short-named animals? Let’s go!

List of Animals With Short Names

1. Ant

black ant walking on the ground

Did you know that the world’s largest ant nest was over 3700 miles wide? That’s impressive for such a small creature! 

Ants barely need an introduction, as they are one of the most common insects on Earth – populating every continent except Antarctica. 

A male ant is called a drone, while a female is called a soldier, a worker, or a queen if she is fertile. A baby ant is called an antling, which sounds adorable.

The name has West Germanic roots and translates to “the biter.” 

2. Ape

black gorilla in the forest

You may be surprised to learn that apes and monkeys aren’t synonymous! Although it’s uncertain how the term “ape” was coined, it’s interesting to note that it was used for primates with no tail. 

At the time of writing, the term is used for all members of the Hominoidea superfamily – including us humans!

Similarly, a baby ape is called a child, an infant, or a baby. A group of apes can be referred to as a band, a family, or a troop.

To continue with the trend of similarities between apes and humans – they also communicate, form relationships, and we share over 96% of DNA! 

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3. Bat

bat midair during daytime

Despite their terrifying appearance, bats are pretty fascinating creatures! They are the only mammals that can fly and have few natural predators. Still, unfortunately, they are very susceptible to diseases. 

The Latin word for a nocturnal insect is blatta, which is likely how the creature got its name. Also, a young bat is called a pup! 

Interestingly, bats used to be called flittermice due to the flattering of their wings. This old-fashioned name remained in some countries, such as Germany and Sweden.

4. Bee

bee on yellow flower

Bees are one of the most important creatures in the world, and they have a huge part in maintaining our ecosystem. 

A male bee is called a drone, while a female is called a worker or a queen. There is only one queen bee in a colony, and she lays around 1,000 eggs daily!

Bees are generally calm and harmless insects, not to be confused with wasps (although they have a similar ancestry), which are infamous for being aggressive and evil. 

A common misconception is that a wasp can only sting once, but that’s only true for bees. Once the adorable creature stings you, it will die. 

5. Cat

brown cat sleeping on floor

Cats are probably the most famous animals in the world, but did you know that a group of cats can be called clowder or glaring? 

Unsurprisingly, a young cat is called a kitten, but interestingly – a female is called a queen, and a male cat is called a tom! 

The name’s etymology is highly debated, possibly originating from Egyptian, Germanic, Arabic, Latin, or Greek. 

Interestingly, it is commonly known that the Egyptians worshiped cats – and if a cat died, they would shave their eyebrows to express grief!

6. Dog

brown dog showing its tongue

Another popular short-named animal worldwide is the domesticated dog.

You may already know that our furry friends have descended from wolves, but did you know that dogs were the first species to be domesticated over 15,000 years ago? 

There is a long history of the bond between a man and a man’s best friend!

The word “dog” comes from the Old English word “dogga“, though the origin is uncertain. As we all know, a female is called a bitch, while a male dog is called a sire or a stud. 

Depending on the breed, you can use numerous words to call a group of dogs, including kennel, pack, cry, and litter.

7. Fox

cute fox with big ears sleeping

Another animal on our list whose name comes from Old English is the gorgeous fox, which means “thick-haired tail.” Unsurprising, as these creatures are famous for their beautiful, elegant brush! 

Foxes have been hunted in Europe for centuries, with the practice remaining popular in rural areas of the United Kingdom. 

An interesting (and slightly confusing) fact is that a male fox is called a dog! A female is called a vixen, and a group is called a leash or a skulk. 

8. Owl

snowy owl standing on tree branch

Speaking of animals with short names, the next on our list is a bird – an extraordinary bird called an owl.

Perpetuating the myth of owls’ wisdom and intelligence, a group of owls is called a parliament! In reality, although they are beautiful creatures and exceptional hunters, owls do not have particularly well-developed brains. 

Their name has a Germanic origin Eule, which is simply a sound used to imitate its call. A baby owl is called an owlet, or a fledging.

9. Ox

big black musk ox in the snow

The award for the shortest animal common name goes to the two-lettered horned mammal commonly known as the ox!

The plural of ox is oxen, and the name refers to a castrated bull (a male “cow”). 

Following the castration, the animal releases less testosterone, making it less aggressive to humans. As a result, they are instrumental working animals in agriculture. 

Once again, the name has German origins with no hidden meaning, just “bull.” 

10. Rat

brown rat between tree trunk

The last member on our list of animals with short names is the rat. Cute little rodents that many people see as dirty creatures with diseases.

Well, it turns out rats are actually clean animals that spend more time grooming themselves than cats do.

The name rat derives from the Latin word “rodere,” which means to gnaw. Also, in terms of rat terminology, the female rats are referred to as does, while males are called bucks.

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