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6 Amazing Animals That Whistle (Pictures & Fun Facts)

6 Amazing Animals That Whistle (Pictures & Fun Facts)

In the animal kingdom, many impressive abilities set different species apart. One such ability is whistling. 

You may be surprised to learn that several animals can whistle apart from humans, including dolphins, mice, guinea pigs, marmots, caterpillars, and dholes.

This article will explore a few of these whistling creatures and learn a little more about why they whistle.

List of Animals That Whistle

  • Mice
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Marmots
  • Caterpillars
  • Dholes


two mice sniffing each other

Scientific Name: Muridae
Type of Animal: Mammal

Chances are that you’ve probably heard a mouse squeak before. The sweet, high-pitched sound is familiar, but have you ever heard a mouse whistle? 

That’s right, the tiny animals are known to produce a whistle-like sound.

If that’s not cute enough, research suggests that mice sing a love song when they whistle and use the sweet little sound to impress females. 

The sound is ultrasonic, meaning humans can’t hear it without specific equipment designed to detect it. Interestingly, mice have adapted these extremely high frequencies to communicate without predators noticing them. 

We are very grateful for these adorable creatures, as there is ongoing research on how a mouse whistle can help humans in treating conditions related to speech. 

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Guinea Pigs

brown guinea pig on brown desk

Scientific Name: Cavia porcellus
Type of Animal: Mammal

Guinea pigs are popular pets all over the world. Their big eyes, fluffy tummies, and outgoing personalities make them a favorite addition to many families. 

On top of that, these creatures are very social and, more importantly, quite vocal.

If you’ve ever kept a guinea pig as a pet, you’ve probably heard a lot of different sounds they produce. Not only do they growl, chirp, and hiss – but they also whistle!

These cute rodents make high-pitched noises in various situations, but mostly when they’re excited about something.

For example, guinea pigs may whistle when waiting to receive food or when startled by an unexpected noise. 

Additionally, the frequency by which they whistle differs on their personalities – some may squeak all day long. In contrast, others may produce the adorable sound only at feeding times. 

Bottlenose Dolphins

bottlenose dolphin in the blue water

Scientific Name: Tursiops truncatus
Type of Animal: Mammal

You’ve probably heard that dolphins are one of the most intelligent species on the planet. You may not have known; however, that dolphins have their signature whistles, which they use to identify each other

That’s right, dolphins have personal names in the form of sound! 

They use these whistles or “names” to communicate, most frequently to learn each other’s locations. Researchers have also noticed that they use some whistles more often than others, further confirming the theory that bottlenose dolphins use the sound to call out to specific group members, like relatives.

Further research is needed for this fantastic phenomenon, especially since they also whistle in captivity (with no one to call out for). 

However, it is such a fascinating occurrence, and at the time of writing – humans and dolphins are the only species with specific names to call others!

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marmot standing on the rock

Scientific Name: Marmota
Type of Animal: Mammal

More specifically, the hoary marmot is famous for its high-pitched noise. It is a type of squirrel that lives in the mountains of North America, which may be more recognized by its nicknames “the whistler” or “the whistle pig.” 

These adorable rodents are so well-known that a town in British Columbia was renamed because of them!

If you were ever to find yourself on the aptly-named Whistler Mountain, you might be lucky to come across one of these cute creatures. They are a popular tourist attraction because of the specific sound they make. 

The hoary marmots whistle when they feel threatened or in danger. Interestingly, they are timid little creatures and get frightened by pretty much everything! 

As a result, if you come across this fascinating squirrel – you’re more than likely to hear the famous whistle. 


lone dhole sitting on the ground

Scientific Name: Cuon alpinus
Type of Animal: Mammal

Perhaps the most exotic animal on our list of animals that whistle is the dhole. These members of the Canidae family are similar to wolves, coyotes, and dogs. 

In fact, the fascinating animal is referred to by numerous names, including the Asian wild dog and whistling dog.

As you may have guessed, the creature is famous for its whistling sound. Research suggests that wild dogs usually live in packs (of 12 to 40 individuals). Still, they split into smaller groups when they hunt. 

As a result, dholes use the noise to communicate with other members of the pack.

Unfortunately, this species is endangered due to habitat loss. As a result, there are about 2500 individuals left in the wild. The chances of you hearing this beautiful creature whistle is slim to none. 


Scientific Name: Amorpha juglandis
Type of Animal: Insect

Unfortunately, the caterpillar in your yard probably won’t whistle, no matter how closely you listen. 

However, a very particular species produces this high-pitched sound. It is the walnut sphinx caterpillar or the amorpha juglandis

Keep in mind that an animal “whistle” is much different from the sound we produce as humans. 

Much like all other whistling animals on this list, this one has learned to whistle as a defense mechanism. In particular, it is a sound used to scare away predators. 

When a bird attacks, the walnut sphinx caterpillar whistles to scare the bird away. 

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