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15 Animals That Symbolize Strength (Facts & Pictures)

15 Animals That Symbolize Strength (Facts & Pictures)

Some of the most common animals that symbolize strength include lions, eagles, ants, sharks, wolves, elephants, and bulls. From the earliest cave drawings to contemporary videography, animals have served as an inspiration to humans to express physical, emotional, and mental strength.

In addition, across the globe, various nations, organizations, and armies employ animal emblems to represent strength.

Here, we will examine 15 animals that represent strength. 

15 Animals That Symbolize Strength

Strength is one of the most respected virtues across all human societies.

  • Physical strength to tackle obstacles.
  • Mental strength for effective reasoning under pressure.
  • Emotional strength for adequately managing how we feel and even the courage to be brave in times of weakness are all laudable examples of strength.


lion roaring

Scientific Name: Panthera leo
Type of Animal: Mammal

Lions are widely used as symbols of strength, courage, and regal authority. 

Aptly dubbed “king of beasts” or, more famously, “king of the jungle,” the mere sight of a lion and the rumble of its roar, even when in captivity, is enough to send chills down your spine. 

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No wonder lions are the most referenced animals in terms of strength and bravery.

Some famous examples of lions as emblems of strength include:

  • The Peugeot logo
  • Premier League logo
  • United Kingdom Coat of Arms


bald eagle standing on a rock

Scientific Name: Accipitridae
Type of Animal: Bird

With the lion as the jungle king, the eagle soars as the king of the skies. 

Bearing proud wings; strong feet equipped with sharp talons; keen sensibilities, and a cry that instills fear in prey’s hearts, the eagle is the most commonly used national symbol. 

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And across the board, it represents the same thing—strength. 

Some famous examples of the eagle representing strength as a national symbol include: 

  • The Great Seal of the United States
  • The Nigerian Coat of Arms
  • The Mexican flag


an ant in a close up photo

Scientific Name: Formicidae
Type of Animal: Insect

Perhaps the most shocking entry on our list, ants have rightly earned their spot among animals that symbolize strength. Their meager size does them a great injustice compared to the astonishing feats these creatures are capable of. 

These energetic animals are often used to represent the power of hard work and tenacity. 

Ants are capable of carrying objects up to 20 times their body weight over long distances. In comparison, the average weight lifter can only lift 1.5 times their body weight for a short period of time. 

To put it more clearly, it would be like lifting a truck with just your teeth. 

Ants also demonstrate strength in numbers and are very goal-oriented, making them popular candidates for conveying teamwork in various organizations.


close up photo of a black gorilla

Scientific Name: Gorilla
Type of Animal: Mammal

Gorillas are territorial animals that command respect by their mere presence. 

The alpha male silverback is a true depiction of leadership and strength, which is why the gorilla is used as an emblem of strength and responsibility. 

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By effectively managing strength and restraint, gorillas demonstrate exemplary leadership. 

Famous examples of gorillas as emblems of strength include:

  • King Kong in popular culture
  • Pittsburg State University sports teams
  • The Fukuoka “Giant Straw Scarecrow Gorilla”: in December 2020, residents of a southwestern Japanese town erected a 23 ft tall gorilla scarecrow as a symbol of strength against the Covid 19 pandemic.


strong and muscular tiger drinking water

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris
Type of Animal: Mammal

As animals that sit proudly at the top of the food chain in their natural habitat, tigers radiate an unrivaled degree of strength and confidence. 

With adult males weighing over 600 pounds, tigers are the largest among big cats, making them extremely strong. There is also a ferocity in them that makes them fearless predators. 

All these attributes have inspired many to view them as the hallmark of strength. 

Tigers are popularly used in pop culture, particularly in the world of sports, as an emblem of fearless determination and strength. They are also popular in Chinese tradition as the custodians of the most extraordinary earthly power.

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brown elephant in the jungle

Scientific Name: Loxodonta
Type of Animal: Mammal

The elephant represents a gentle and noble strength. Despite their calm demeanor, these peaceful giants exude enormous strength.

By merely looking at elephants, their strong capabilities are palpable from their physical attributes; massive tusks, thick trunks, and sturdy legs that vibrate the ground they walk on. 

The insurmountable appearance of elephants makes them a popular totem of resilience. 

Some famous examples include:

  • The Republican Party of the US.
  • The Animal Planet logo
  • Famous cement manufacturer Lafarge Africa has an elephant as their logo to convey durability.


strong gray stallion on grass field

Scientific Name: Equus
Type of Animal: Mammal

Horses are perhaps the most elegant animals on earth. Their stance displays nobility and strength the way no other animal can. 

Little wonder why old paintings depict nobility and war heroes posed on elegant horses; the grace of the animals added significant poise to such images. 

Horses were also used as “vehicle engines” in old times, pulling heavy carts over long distances. In modern times, there is a reason why “horsepower” is a unit of measuring power.

A single kick from a horse is powerful enough to fatally injure a person, transferring about 1000 kilograms of force to the body. 

Some famous examples of horses as symbols of strength include: 

  • Power Horse energy drink
  • Dallas Mavericks basketball team
  • Ferrari logo


stag resting on grass in a golden dawn light

Scientific Name: Cervus elaphus
Type of Animal: Mammal

The stag is an adult male deer that carries an aura of strength and authority. In some cultures, the stag occupies the position of the lion as a noble leader of beasts. 

It is a universal symbol of stamina and grace. In addition to its majestic build, the stag’s massive antlers are another defining feature that accentuates its strength. 

Here are some famous examples of stags as symbols of strength: 

  • Government seal of Queensland, an Australian state
  • Danville Dashers hockey club
  • In popular culture, House Baratheon from the Game of Thrones Series


brown and black ram with big curved horns

Scientific Name: Ovis aries
Type of Animal: Mammal

It’s easy to see why rams are animals that represent strength. 

One look at the massive horns they carry around, and one would immediately think, “heavy is the head,” and indeed, it is no small responsibility. 

Such responsibility is not for the weak or faint-hearted. It can only be for an animal built with enough strength to sustain it.

Another impressive reason why the ram represents power is its mode of attack. It strategically withdraws by taking a few steps back before charging forward with all its might to deliver a powerful blow to its opponent. 

Consequently, there’s a famous saying in West Africa that “the ram that steps back has only gone to summon strength.” 


wolf on snow during the daytime

Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Type of Animal: Mammal

The wolf is a particularly popular symbol of strength among groups because it is a pack animal, and each wolf utilizes its strength for the benefit of the pack. 

In addition to displaying individual strength, wolves also demonstrate strength in unity.

Their ability to channel their vicious strengths into the more significant cause for the whole pack makes them a famous strength symbol in the world of sports. 

Another example of wolves as symbols of strength is the beloved House Stark from the Game of Thrones series. 

Wolves also represent otherworldly strength across various cultures. 

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brown bear in the shallow water

Scientific Name: Ursidae
Type of Animal: Mammal

Bears should immediately come to mind when you think of strength and brute force in the animal kingdom. These massive animals are vicious creatures, and they have more than enough strength to back them up. 

Though solitary, bears are some of the most powerful animals on the planet. 

The bear is also known to use its strength to protect its own, particularly females. 

Female bears are some of the most protective animal mothers who use their strength to protect their young. 

Hence the popular “mama bear” designation of overprotective mothers. 


black panther resting on a rock

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
Type of Animal: Mammal

Panthers have long been associated with strength and beauty. Several cultures idolized these exotic cats for centuries, viewing them as sacred. 

The black panther is well-known for its unique appearance and the raw power it demonstrates.

Here are some famous examples of panthers symbolizing strength:

  • Black Panther from Marvel Cinematic Universe in pop culture.
  • American football club Carolina Panthers
  • Gabonese Coat of Arms


big shark swimming underwater

Scientific Name: Selachimorpha
Type of Animal: Fish

The most popular underwater predator, with enough bite force to rip a person in half, sharks are as strong as they are brutal. 

The strength of the shark is also demonstrated in its determination when hunting; at the faintest hint of blood, the shark relentlessly tracks down its prey. 

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These attributes make sharks popular emblems of strength.

Some famous examples of sharks representing strength include:

  • Ice hockey team San Jose Sharks
  • The entrepreneurial show Shark Tank
  • The Jaws movie franchise


brown bull with long horns standing on grass

Scientific Name: Bos taurus
Type of Animal: Mammal

The bill is a universal emblem of power and virility. There is a reason why most of the sporting activities involving bulls are strenuous and highly volatile. 

From bullfighting to bull riding, serious harm could come to those involved because bulls are enormous creatures that pack a ton of power. Their horns alone could impale a human. 

Some famous examples of bulls symbolizing power include: 

  • Red Bull energy drink
  • Chicago Bulls basketball club
  • Lamborghini logo


crocodile lurking from the water

Scientific Name: Crocodylidae
Type of Animal: Reptile

Last but not least, on our list of animals that symbolize strength are crocodiles.

Few animals incite fear the way crocodiles do. From their scale-clad exterior to bone-crushing jaws, these stealthy predators are equipped with armor-like features that deal severely with prey. 

Their unbridled show of power and ferocity has made them signature markers of strength. 

Some popular depictions of crocodiles as emblems of strength include: 

  • Professional hockey club Florida Everblades
  • Professional baseball club Lowell Spinners
  • Jamaican Coat of Arms

In Summary

While cultural representations of strength may differ, certain animals have universal meanings that are unaffected by geography or religion.

Lions, eagles, ants, sharks, wolves, elephants, and bulls are some of the most common animals that represent strength. These species serve as examples that mental, physical, and emotional strength can be found in all forms and sizes.

Thank you for reading.

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